About Us
The GamerHighway Podcast was a place for gamers to come together to do the things that gamers do - talk about games, learn about games, and have fun.

The hands of fate brought together a diverse group of gamers from all walks of life to bring you this podcast, and to talk about videogames and other less important topics. You can learn more about this crazy road crew below.

Josh - Chief Of Development, Engineering, & Resources

Josh runs the website. In other words, he's the resident code monkey for GamerHighway. We slide him pizza under the door, and he makes updates to the site. It's not a bad deal.

Josh likes most games, but doesn't actually get to play them as much as he'd like. If we let him play games, how could he work on the site? Can't do both, so its best if we keep our little pawn in check...

Elliott - President Of Our Podcast

There are three things Elliott loves in this world: Mortal Kombat, his own voice, and fecal matter.

Elliott's dream is to one day have his likeness used as a character in a Mortal Kombat game, with a fatality involving diarrhea. In the bowels of his soul, he hopes that the GamerHighway podcast will bring him the fame necessary to one day achieve that dream.

Elliott loves a variety of game genres, but shows a particular affinity for First-Person Shooters, where he loves to throw caution at the wind, rushing towards the enemy like a lemming.

James - Narrative Esquire, Random Deeds

James is the resident master of monotone hyperbole; an esoteric anomoly of exaggerated absurdity without an inclination of variation in tone or inflection.

James has the hardest time coming to terms with the fact that he's a huge nerd. So we try to help him adjust to the reality of his existence every chance we get.

As evident in the picture to your left, he also plays guitar. He thought it was important that you know that.

Ben - Director Of Rockband Knowledge

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Ben used to play every game he could get his hands on. Then the music genre was introduced.

Ben still likes to buy other games and pile them around him as he plays Rockband, night after night. This gives him comfort that he's still supporting the industry, though he has no desire to play any other game, ever again.

Mike - New Officer Of Bigness

Mike is the newest member of the crew. He brings to the table a fresh perspective of what it's like to have not saturated your life in videogames for the past 20 years.

However, we're slowly turning him into a true blue American gamer. *sniff* It makes us proud watching Mikey grow up.

You may notice that Mike bears a striking resemblence to Zangief. If we could talk him into adopting a mohawk and a Russian accent, he'd totally be there!

Angel - Voice Of Introductions, Chief Executive

The angelic voice you hear every week welcoming you to the podcast belongs to none other than Angel.

If a game has 'puzzle' in the name or cute animals on the cover, you can be pretty sure that Angel will be all over it. However, she's also been known to play through games like Red Dead Redemption within the course of a few weeks or level a character in WoW to 70.

We're happy to have Angel lend her talents to our cause. I mean, how else are you going to know you're listening to GamerHighway? You might get confused and think it's CNN or something...